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This course focuses on prevention, protection & performance by looking at aspects of a driver’s lifestyle, their health & wellbeing as well as use of the vehicle, defensive driving, hazard perception & awareness, fuel efficiency, motorway systems and all environment factors.


  • Daily Checks – why and when?
  • Hazard Awareness
  • Physical & Mental Health
  • The System of Vehicle Control
  • Observational Links Perception – how we see things compared to others
  • Smart motorway systems and the red cross campaign
  • Affects of alcohol, drugs (Inc. Over the Counter and prescribed drugs)
  • Sleep deprivation.


Focus on all aspects of prevention and protection within the drivers’ control including ensuring that Learners understand that their health and wellbeing is essential to their safety at work and how effective they are in their performance, how their driving style affects the environment and how they can implement best practice to protect themselves and other road users.

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