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PublicAWARE looks at and develops the skills necessary to communicate with people in various situations, both verbally and non- verbally. Close links are made to dealing with people on a customer basis by looking at our own needs and then discussing the issue of ‘What we EXPECT, We SHOULD deliver’. Communication and confidence building tasks are part of the module in order to improve Interpersonal Skills.


  • Dealing with Vunerable Road Users
  • How to adapt to situations
  • Effective Communication
  • Compliance
  • Health and Safety of the Public
  • Customer Care


Learners will explore the Equality Act 2010 and identify the different requirements that people with individual needs may have. To highlight the requirements. Emphasis is also placed on dealing with people with individual needs, both hidden and visible. Learners are required to evaluate the obstacles faced by people with individual needs. This is done practically, by getting the learners to experience specific individual needs, such as being visually impaired or being a wheelchair user when using PCVs.

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