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This course raises awareness about the ever-increasing terrorist threat and identifies the soft and hard targets within the transport industry and worldwide. Learners are asked to consider threats from within their own organisation as well as encouraged to explore the change in society in order to be able to evaluate the potential risk. They also analyse the use of social media and the ease at which intelligence can be gathered through open-source profiling.


  • Explain and discuss the meaning of terrorism and identify potential terrorist threats
  • Discuss the requirement for vehicle security within the transport industry
  • Explain the acronym ‘HOT’ and recognise the actions required
  • Identify and discuss potential soft targets and possible Shootings and Vehicle Attacks
  • Security Awareness: Vigilance, Encouraged, Confidence and Training
  • Cyber Security and Social Media.


To have a better understanding of what terrorism is and how vigilance and care can help prevent incidents and provide invaluable information to companies and high authorities. In conjunction with their employers, any Counter-Terrorism Strategy can be communicated to the Learners during the course

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