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The UrbanAWARE course looks at the underpinning factors which increase the vulnerability of specific road users. Learners are encouraged to explore such factors as socio-economic and road planning and identify the dangers of driving within an urban environment. Considering such things as the road layout, markings, signs, bus and cycle lanes, etc and why some routes are accident black spots. Learners will also discuss Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs), who they are and how to understand and accommodate them.


  • Identifying Vulnerable Road Users
  • Evaluate the change in the urban environment
  • Social Needs
  • Common Causes of Road Collisions and Traffic Accidents
  • Transport Planning, Map Reading & Sat-nav systems
  • Legislations, Rules & Regulations


The focus is for learners to recognise that by understanding the needs of all road users and planning effectively before undertaking their journey accidents and collisions can be avoided and prevented.

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