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Our Very Own AWARE Series Electric Vehicle Live on  AWARE Series TV


Welcome To The Next Generation Of Blended Learning For The Automotive, Logistics Industry & Beyond


Launched on December 2020, AWARE Series TV uses industry-leading film and sound technology to broadcast and deliver  our professional courses live to delegates around the world.

AWARE Series TV’s Tyrone Joy presenting our Online Electric Vehicle and HybridAWARE 7-Hour CPC course Live to delegates across the recovery and insurance industry live from GRIDSERVE Braintree

AWARE Series TV Presenter Tyrone Joy Conducting The Online EV&HybridAWARE Course From GRIDSERVE Braintree

Examining An Electric Vehicle Live on AWARE Series TV From GRIDSERVE Braintree

Our Very Own AWARE Series Electric Vehicle Live on AWARE Series TV

AWARE Series TV has also been at the forefront of our latest 2021 FREE Mental Health & ResilienceAWARE Roadshow, delivered to 35 delegates across the Roadside & Recovery Industry. 

AWARE Series TV is also bringing a whole new dimension to visualisations and walk-throughs. Below is a Live ForensicAWARE DCPC Demonstration below, broadcasted live to delegates worldwide

Excellent Trainer Paul Jarratt delivering the IMI EV L2 EV Hazard Management for Emergency Services and Recovery Personnel course online via AWARE Series TV.  

Back In The Studio 

Another reason why we go above & beyond in the training & development of your staff!