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Are you a roadside & recovery professional looking to save on your company costs while improving the service delivery of your organisation?

Then, join our AWARE Series Consortium

Here Are 11 Reasons Why You Should Join Our Consortium

Receive fast upload & issuing of certification (on receiving payment)

Receive forecasting of courses & potential training opportunities

Get access to fully branded marketing material to include AWARE Series logos & your own company design

Receive continued marketing & advertisement support through our extensive social media outlets

Gain access to all of the relevant AWARE Series courses within your qualification expertise

Get exclusive invites to regular networking events amongst our Network Directory

Get paid to deliver NTP training contracts

Get access to the NTP learning management system for course presentations, documentation and trainer forums. This includes our digital forms and quizzes that our setting the standards in training innovation.

Gain membership to the Network Directory


Gain membership to the Trainers'  Association For Roadside Safety

Gain access to the PATAM Digital Compliance Passport Solution 

Can you give me an example of how it works?

Sure, let's start with Dave

Dave has worked for his company in the roadside and recovery sector for the past 15-years and is hugely passionate about the industry. He would love to progress his career and become a qualified roadside & recovery trainer. By joining the AWARE Series Consortium, his company will benefit from huge cost savings of up to 75% by training in-house company employees, gain access to award-winning approved and accredited course material, tailored course management and administrative support.

He will also become part of an outstanding trainers’ community that’s setting the standard throughout the industry.

Dave wants to deliver the AWARE Series RoadsideAWARE & PublicAWARE DCPC Courses to delegates. As an experienced industry professional, he will also be able to deliver the Level 3 IMI Roadside & Recovery Technician Course. On successful completion of the AWARE Series consortium course, he will be able to deliver both.

"Hi, I'm Dave. I'm an experienced Roadside & Recovery professional, with 15-years of experience in the industry. I recognise that it's critical that our employees receive legislative training to meet our health & safety obligations. The AWARE Series goes above and beyond this and gives my company directors the assurance that standards are not only met but exceeded. Having discussed this with other industry trainers, I had no doubt that this route was the best option for me and our business."

Before Dave joined the AWARE Series Consortium, his company faced:

After Dave joined the AWARE Series Consortium, his company now enjoys:

Find out why some of the largest, most respected companies within the roadside & recovery industry have already taken this step forward?

Let's take a look at the simple, affordable cost plan Dave would use to get started.

Please note that like Dave, you must have the relevant training qualifications and experiences, and a clean record to join the Consortium.

 Year 1 


As a budding trainer, Dave has attended the 5-day Combined Level 3 Education & Training & Consortium Course and completed the workbook and initial quality trainer's assessment.

Dave has now shown that he has the training skills and knowledge to deliver this specialist framework to his company employees.


Dave realises that the TrainAWARE Level 3 Combined Consortium & Education & Training Course is the most affordable way to promote himself to an accredited AWARE Series Consortium Trainer, perfect for the Roadside & Recovery Industry.

Immediate 1-Year Consortium Membership

Complete support provided to deliver the RoadsideAWARE DCPC Module that meets National Occupational Standards (NOS)

Complete support provided to deliver the PublicAWARE DCPC Module that meets National Occupational Standards (NOS)

As an experienced industry professional and with his new trainer qualifications, he's also able to deliver the Level 3 IMI Roadside & Recovery Technician Course

 Year 2 onwards

£350* (excludes per-delegate fees)

This is the annual Consortium Membership fee.

By now, Dave will have been delivering AWARE Series Courses to employees nationwide. His qualification to teach our framework will have reduced costs for his company and significantly improved standards. Now that Dave is more experienced, he wants to undertake more of our AWARE Series modules. To achieve this, he's attended the relevant course, been assessed and proven his competence to deliver the module. He's now able to also deliver this new module to increase the diversity of training available to his company. 

If Dave is to register to teach a new AWARE Series Course, a £100* module registration fee applies annually. 

I want to join your AWARE Series Consortium. What next?

Register For Our TrainAWARE  Combined Consortium & Level 3 In Education Training Course 

With the immense cost savings that the AWARE Series can provide your company, why not see what the AWARE Series Consortium can do for you?

This TrainAWARE Course is the nationally recognised qualification to get you into our AWARE Series Consortium as early as 10-days (AWARE Series course, workbook and quality assessment).

You'll undertake the necessary additional training needed to deliver AWARE Series Training, and immediately raise the quality throughout your business.

It's a perfect introduction to teaching for those who work or would like to work in the further education and skills sector. 


“There are too many tick-in-the-box trainers out there. I want to be able to deliver quality, standardised and professional training as and when my company requires it, not having to wait for availability of sub-contracted trainers 

Thankfully, the AWARE Series team was here to help.

Having become an AWARE Series Consortium Trainer, they don’t just go above and beyond in the delivery of the course, they go above and beyond in taking care of their trainers too.

I get access to an amazing network, marketing support, and I’ve received more bookings than ever before. It’s not about the course fee, it’s what you can get from it that matters"

You should only book our TrainAWARE course provided you have the due training competencies and experience. Call us on 01245 942350 if you're unsure.

To find out exactly how much it will cost you, use our registration calculator

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join the AWARE Series trainer’s consortium?

The award-winning AWARE Series is setting the standard in innovative and adaptable training that is affordable.  We are exceptionally proud of our feedback and the outstanding partnership we have with our trainers from some of the most well-respected companies within the industry.

I already deliver training for another consortium and industry training provider; can I still join your consortium?

Absolutely, apart from being illegal to restrict trainers from delivering courses for other training providers, we pride ourselves on being able to offer customers choice as ultimately, they will decide.  We are always keen to work with trainers that have industry knowledge and want to offer variety in training.

Do I have to produce my own presentations and documentation?

No – the AWARE Series is a framework of standardised course material that meets the National Occupational Standards.  It is important that trainers are delivering the correct information that is continually improved with the latest information.  However, we do not want to create robots and the trainers training, skills and knowledge are critical when using examples and anecdotes when delivering the content.

I’ve been told that only one training providers content is acceptable for Police Schemes and PAS 43?

All of the AWARE Series training is approved and accredited by recognised awarding bodies, including the Institute of the Motor Industry and JAUPT.  The training has been designed to meet National Occupational Standards to meet the PAS 43 requirements.

How do I deliver your other specialist courses such as ForensicAWARE and EV and HybridAWARE?

To be able to deliver any AWARE Series course or the advanced IMI courses the trainer MUST be suitably qualified and experienced to deliver the module.  Having attended the AWARE Series consortium course and having a recognised industry qualification you will be able to deliver that module.

What sets the AWARE Series Consortium Trainers Course apart from other instructor courses?

At NTP, we pride ourselves on using innovation to enhance the delegate’s experience.  Training is not just a box-ticking exercise, and the trainers are more mentors to the delegates.  The trainer must be able to adapt their training styles to meet individual learners needs.  Repeating the same module every 3-5-years regardless of the learner’s experience should not happen.

What ongoing support will I receive?

From the moment you attend the AWARE Series Consortium course you will receive outstanding support.  The course is not designed to be easy, and the training team led by Paul will take you out of your comfort zone.  On successfully passing the course, completing your workbook and initial assessment the team will offer you guidance every step of the way.

*Disclaimer: All costs are subject to VAT, all trainers must sign a Consortium contract, have adequate insurance, and be committed to ongoing continuous personal development. You should only book our TrainAWARE course provided you have the due training competencies and experience. Call us on 01245 942350 if you're unsure.