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Driver ComplianceAWARE

Are you looking to better manage your driving workforce?

Then register for Driver ComplianceAWARE

The complete compliance solution

Here Are 8 Reasons Why You Should Register your Company for Driver ComplianceAWARE

Reduced cost of repairs

Reduced fleet insurance

Reduced fuel Use

Reduced servicing/maintenance costs

Fewer Collisions

Lower Emissions

More Productive Workforce

Better workforce wellbeing

Can you give me an example of how it works?

Sure, let's start with Alan. Alan is a supervisor heading up a team of drivers delivering and selling products to customers. He needs a scheme that he can use to ensure his drivers are continually safe and competent on the road. 

"Hi, I'm Alan. I head up a team of 15 drivers. It's a lot of employees to have to track to ensure they are continually following legislative standards. Thankfully, registering my company for Driver ComplianceAWARE was the best thing I could do so that I can focus on the more exciting parts of my job."

Rather than Alan having to focus his efforts on continually checking his drivers to avoid company liabilities, Alan transferred this work to the Driver ComplianceAWARE scheme.

Thanks to Driver ComplianceAWARE, Alan can keep his workforce safe and competent in three ways. 

Training Courses

When companies sign up to Driver ComplianceAWARE, drivers can receive bespoke, specific training should skills gap in their driving be identified. The Driver ComplianceAWARE scheme provides access to a range of AWARE Series courses designed and delivered by outstanding instructors.

These courses can be delivered online via AWARE Series TV, or face-face at the client site, as and when required. 

Licence Checks

When a company signs up to Driver ComplianceAWARE, their relevant drivers will be checked and verified to ensure that they are safe and qualified to go on the roads. These checks can include:

1)  Relevant Driver Licence 

2) DBS 

3) Driver Qualification Card

3) O-Licence

4) Passport

5) National Insurance Number


Given that Driver ComplianceAWARE is a complete compliance solution, your drivers also get access to a competence & compliance app offering two key features. Firstly, drivers can use this app to report real-time driver incidents. Secondly, drivers can upload their relevant certification and training records.

I want to join. What next?

Great. You can contact AWARE Series by filling in the form below. Alternatively, you can call the founder of AWARE Series, Network Training Partnership, on 01245 942350.