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Electric Vehicle & HybridAWARE Summative Assessment

Welcome to your Electric Vehicle & HybridAWARE Quiz

The letters PHEV found on some cars, stand for:
The first hybrid car was developed by Lohner Porsche in:
3. When considering Health and Safety, which Regulations might apply:
4. ‘Thermal Runaway’ starts when the electrolyte ignites. This is caused by:
5. Electrically propelled vehicles which are being recovered, must be:
6. When checking if a vehicle is a Hybrid or EV prior to recovery, check the following using AUTO:
7. Electrical energy is stored in the 12v and HV batteries as:
8. When recovering a hybrid vehicle, choose two from below:
9. You come across a person lying next to a hybrid vehicle. You should:
10. The casualty is NOT breathing. The ratio for CPR is: