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BusinessAWARE is an overview of the specific requirements placed upon the driver and Operator. Learners will evaluate the Mission Statement for the company (Required) to be able to understand the need to support it. Leaner will discuss the requirements of an ‘O’ licence and further evaluate the impact on them. Emphasis is placed on the companies’ policies and procedures, such as alcohol and drugs, internet and social media, mobile phones and multimedia devices, disciplinary procedures etc. This is done in conjunction with the company to ensure that course content is specific to them. Additional topics include licence and medical requirements, daily checks, PPE and H&S etc.


  • Introduction to BusinessAWARE
  • Mission Statement (MS) of the Business
  • Identify the legal requirements from a companies perspective
  • Company Specifics, policies and procedures
  • Introduction to the OCRS system
  • Legislation and introduction to the law
  • Driver Specifics


Discuss the various laws, directives and regulations that impact on the logistical industry. Explain the OCRS system (Operator Compliance Risk Score) Describe the role of the Traffic Commissioner and DVSA identify the potential set-backs to drivers.