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  • This course looks at the reasons why global warming is happening and refers to the ‘Keeling Curve’ in order that the learners develop an in-depth understanding of why we need to change the way we drive.

    Building on the environmental theme, the course looks at the theory behind driving in a defensive manner.

    Topics Included

    Daily Checks – why and when?

    Hazard Awareness Physical & Mental Health
    The System of Vehicle Control
    Observational Links

    Perception – how we see things compared to others

    Smart motorway systems and the red cross and Slow Down and Move Over campaigns

    Effects of alcohol, drugs (Inc. Over the Counter and prescribed drugs) and sleep deprivation.


    Wellbeing is essential to ensure that an individual is 100% mentally and physically prepared.

    Learners will analyse the effects of poor diet, sleep deprivation and drugs/alcohol on the body and the wider effects on the family/work balance.

    The Brain – how information is processed when driving and why the topics above will affect how information is processed.