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Introduction to ForensicAWARE and the importance of the Operators role when gaining entry and the recovery of vehicles which are part of a wider criminal investigation.  Contaminating any potential evidence during the recovery of a vehicle could result in the case being thrown out of court.
Explain and discuss the legal system within the UK and identify specific legislation.
It’s important to have a foundation knowledge of the legal system within the UK to further understand the importance of the role played by the Recovery Operator.


Overview of the legal system

Policies and Procedures

Overview of a crime scene

PAS 43

Survive guidance


Learners to discuss and list the following:
The authorities/personnel who are involved
  • Identify the responsibilities associated with the personnel involved and the expectations at the crime scene
  • What is evidence?
  • Learners are to identify the types of forensic evidence and the need to preserve evidence during recovery operations.
  • Lack of understanding by the Recovery Operator when gaining entry to a vehicle may contaminate/destroy any potential evidence.
  • Identify the need for forensic evidence and the importance of your role
  • How is evidence preserved?
  • How can a recovery operator avoid contamination/destruction of evidence at a recovery task?


  • The importance of communication at the crime scene
  • Ensuring the relevant information is passed onto the various organisations involved
  • Passage of information – practical communication exercise
  • The impact on their organisation.