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Mental Health issues within the transport industry have a direct impact on performance within the work-force.

The course raises awareness about Mental Health disorders and related issues, explores the reasons, signs, symptoms and risks associated with these and finds ways to identify positive measures to help prevent and improve health and wellbeing.

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Topics included

  • What is Mental Health and what does it mean to you and your organisation.
  • The common Mental Health disorders and associated signs and symptoms.
  • How does unhealthy coping mechanisms such as alcohol and drug misuse affect safety and increase accident rates?
  • Are Mental Health related issues affecting your workplace?
  • Identify preventative measures and ways of improving employee well-being
  • How a positive Mental Health culture can increase health, safety, morale, staff retention and productivity


To highlight Mental Health-related disorders and associated issues that could impact on the health and wellbeing of the workforce within the transport industry. Through better understanding and a proactive approach, learners can help have a positive impact on their organisation’s workforce thus increasing morale, productivity and improved staff retention, whilst reducing sick days and accidentS

Online Zoom information

Remote Driver CPC Training – Candidate Guidance The Day Before Your Course

Send a photograph which shows the front of your driving licence clearly to the AWARE Series trainer. Please also make sure we have a direct contact number for you for use on the day.

If using a mobile phone to access your CPC course:-

Go to the following website: www.zoom.us (See page 2)
Click “join” at the top of the page.
If using a mobile phone, this will prompt you to download the Zoom app from the app store or google play store. Alternatively, search ZOOM Cloud Meetings on the app store/play store. (This is a free app)

If using a computer to access your CPC course:-
Go to the following website www.zoom.us/download (see page 2)
You will need to download and install the “Zoom Client for meetings” (This is free software)

Please note that all attendees require a laptop or mobile device with the following:-

A camera which can see the individuals face.
Steady and reliable Internet access which can last the length of the course.

If you do not have all 3 of the above requirements, you will not be able to access the CPC training remotely.

On the day of your course:

It is a requirement of the course that candidates can attend remotely without distraction, and that their time and attention is given to the course material. Should this not be the case, the trainer will be able to remove you from the session and no DCPC hours will be accredited.
At the beginning of the course, you will be asked to show your driving licence on camera next to your face, this will enable the trainer to verify your identity. Please make sure you have your driving licence with you.

Just before the start of your session, you will receive a text message containing the meeting ID number, and a password. Simply open the application on your phone or computer and enter the meeting ID and password to join the session.

If your phone or computer asks you for “permission” to use the camera/microphone, click allow. Once all the relevant participants have joined, we will begin the course.

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