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First Aid explained

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NHS First Aid

An Overview of First Aid by NHS

The NHS is an excellent data source to understand the range of first Aid scenarios. The NHS also provides guidance on appropriate actions to tackle different scenarios.


blood borne viruses

Guidance for dealing with viruses at work

The HSE highlights the different approaches viruses can be dealt with at work. Four high risk groups are identified, including tattooists, beauty therapists, local authority groups and those in contact sports.

First Aid Kit

Basic First Aid at work

The HSE provide an excellent leaflet containing basic advice on first aid for use in an emergency.

Resuscitation Council UK

The Laws on CPR and AED

CPR and the use of an automated external defribillator can substantially increase survival rates if performed promptly. This article takes a legal perspective, discussing defences medical practices can use for CPR.

Epilepsy action

Epilepsy explained

Epilepsy action provides an excellent knowledge hub to understand a condition affecting 600,000 people in the UK.

First Aid Manikin hygiene

Important CPR Manikin Hygiene Information

This article can help reduce the risk of your training provider becoming liable for cross-contamination. This article discusses how CPR Manikins should be cleaned, using alcohol, trionic wipes and CPR face shields.

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