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The following subjects were covered:

Learning Outcome. The learner will be able to:

· Explain and identify how to check that delivery vehicle has sufficient fuel, additives and water

· Explain and identify the checks required to ensure the operation of the delivery vehicle instruments and controls are serviceable.

· Checks to include:

o All vehicle systems

o All vehicle instruments, controls, gauges and vehicle systems

o Indications of any electrical or mechanical problems

o The air tanks are sufficiently charged (If applicable)

· Explain and identify the organisational procedures for reporting defects including information on previously reported problems with the vehicle

· Explain and identify how to obtain information on previously reported faults and whom is responsible for releasing the vehicle.

· Explain and identify the appropriate action to take, in order to deal with previously reported faults.

· Recall the responsibilities of the Banksman and any working at height regulations

· Evaluate and demonstrate the importance of Brand Awareness

· Explain and identify the requirement for Safe Systems of Work to be adhered to and all relevant H&S information

· Explain and identify the responsibilities of the driver for the vehicle and the load

· Recall the legal responsibilities of the driver to ensure the safe loading and unloading of the vehicle

· Evaluate the principles of safe loading and understanding GVW

· Analyse the effects of overloading and the security of loads

· Explain the principles of safe unloading

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