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Register for Your PATAM Card

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Register For Your PATAM Card!

Going above and beyond in your training whether you're in the automotive, logistics and emergency services industries is what AWARE Series is all about.

Being able to instantly show organisations all your AWARE Series certificates, memberships and other professional qualifications physically and virtually, is why we strongly recommend you joining the PATAM Card Scheme.

PATAM® is the complete digital identity, competence and compliance solution for the automotive, logistics and recovery industries.

Below are the 5 key benefits;

BENEFIT 1: PATAM cards authenticate you in the industry. You only receive one after a verified licence & identity checks

BENEFIT 2: PATAM cards show your credibility. PATAM lets you access and record all your licences and qualifications in 1 place

BENEFIT 3: PATAM is GPDR compliant, meaning your data protected and your privacy valued

BENEFIT 4: PATAM helps you meet company standards. PATAM cards provides you access to company policies , procedures and events, boosting your performance

BENEFIT 5: PATAM cards are recognisable. You can use your PATAM card across any site using the Checarda or Vircarda App, whichever industry you're in.

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