CT and SecurityAWARE 7-Hour DCPC Module – Glasgow

This course raises awareness about the ever-increasing terrorist threat and identifies the soft and hard targets within the transport industry and worldwide. Learners are asked to consider threats from within their own organisation as well as encouraged to explore the change in society in order to be able to evaluate the potential risk. They also [...]

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EV and HybridAWARE 7-Hour DCPC Module – Glasgow

Topics Identify hazards Legislation Risk Assessments – including dynamic Internal company policies Safe loading and unloading Identify key components First Aid Focus To give Learners a good, basic understanding and eliminate the fears around working with EV and Hybrid vehicles. Risk assessing and prevention as well as the information and basic First Aid techniques needed [...]

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PublicAWARE 7-Hour DCPC Module – Glasgow

PublicAWARE looks at and develops the skills necessary to communicate with people in various situations, both verbally and non- verbally. Close links are made to dealing with people on a customer basis by looking at our own needs and then discussing the issue of ‘What we EXPECT, We SHOULD deliver’. Communication and confidence building tasks [...]

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RoadsideAWARE 7-Hour DCPC Module – Glasgow

This course is aimed at those professionals who are required to attend vehicle breakdowns and recovery tasks. The course takes the learner from the start of a shift, ensuring that all legally required checks are conducted in accordance with the relevant legislation, such as LOLER, PUWER, C&U Regs, PPE Regs, Road Traffic Act etc., through [...]

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UrbanAWARE 7-Hour DCPC – Glasgow

The UrbanAWARE course looks at the underpinning factors which increase the vulnerability of specific road users. Learners are encouraged to explore such factors as socio-economic and road planning and identify the dangers of driving within an urban environment. Considering such things as the road layout, markings, signs, bus and cycle lanes, etc and why some [...]

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