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Working In Partnership with the Recovery Industry!

March 2021

Since 2017, NTP has been revolutionising the training industry, creating the AWARE Series Knowledge Exchange in 2021.  Network Training Partnership CEO and co-founder Jane Cattaneo takes a look at how Network Training Partnership has improved the standards of the Roadside & Recovery Industry in particular.

Our Mission: Since our inception in 2017 we have had one goal:

“To offer affordable and accessible training, whilst enhancing learner engagement through innovation in technology, and improving
health & safety and compliance standards to the whole of the industry”

The experiences of these past ten months have proven this mission to be of the utmost importance and we are proud to say that we have upheld our goal by adapting our training and delivery methods to ensure companies
and employees continue with essential courses and modules to meet their legislative, vocational and corporate responsibilities.

Blended-Learning: “a style of education in which students learn via electronic or remote delivery media as well as traditional face-to-face teaching”

We all know that the roadside & recovery industry is a practical, handson industry where operatives need the skills and knowledge to be able to attend jobs, load and secure casualty vehicles and transport them safely. It is essential that this practical training is under-pinned with theory-based knowledge and it is these theory-based modules that can be delivered in an online, COVID-safe environment. By then adding the practical face-to-face training, at a later date, and continually assessing the learners you can offer a successful blended-learning programme or range of courses that achieves everything a full face-to-face course does whilst saving time & money and protecting the welfare of the students.

Electronic Learning: “E-learning is training provided via a computer or other digital device, allowing technology to facilitate learning anytime, anywhere.”

AWARE Series

Showing the complete adaptability of the AWARE Series, NTP has developed a bespoke Electrical Vehicle & Hybrid AWARE e-learning course that can be undertaken anytime, day or night. The
course covers the various electric vehicle and hybrid technologies available to users and the H&S implications of working with these vehicles. The course is set to be delivered to over 1300 government agency employees throughout the UK as part of their awareness and personal development training. With EV & Hybrid awareness training required by law by anyone working with these vehicles this 1-hour e-learning course can be taken as a standalone basic awareness module or a as the prerequisite before attending a more involved DCPC module.

Remote Delivery: “When the students and instructor are not physically in the same classroom or workspace”

When the first lockdown occurred in April the DVSA through JAUPT allowed training providers to resubmit their current DCPC modules for approval to deliver through remote delivery i.e.,
video-conferencing such as Zoom or Teams. NTP submitted 5 modules at that time and have since increased that to 8, all of which have received JAUPT approval that the adaptations to the framework do not compromise the learning objectives or the student’s experience by the instructor not delivery the course in-person. Each course maintains their adherence to H&S regulations and to National Occupation Standards.

Electric Vehicle & HybridAWARE

AWARE Series TV Presenter Tyrone Joy Conducting The Online EV&HybridAWARE Course From GRIDSERVE Braintree

We have just completed an extensive online EV & HybridAWARE DCPC training programme for the RAC who kindly sponsored it at a reduced rate for the rest of the industry and opened it to
military personnel free of charge including attendees from as far away as Australia! Not only was the feedback from the delegates outstanding but Andy Gent, RAC National Recovery Manager, said:

“Now we’re nearing the end of our EV and HybridAWARE Drivers CPC courses I just wanted to thank you and the team for the way these have been handled. From planning through to the delivery this has been done in a really professional and efficient manner. The online Zoom courses have been a hit, delivered by Paul, the feedback has been fantastic. It’s also been great to support our service personnel during these courses, where free spaces were offered as part of your Military training programme. A massive thanks from myself and the Operation for the way you have adapted these during these unprecedented times, and you’ve still managed to keep them current, engaging, and compliant.”

Our Electric & HybridAWARE course is currently the only industry-relevant awareness course that is individually registered with JAUPT for Drivers CPC hours.


Our interactive preservation of evidence module for the industry that is delivered online but uses the latest technology to include live instructor demonstrations and a Q&A session. The course has been approved by Police Scotland and will be held regularly throughout the new year.

National Occupation Standards: The current hot topic for the industry!

In essence a National Occupational Standard (NOS) is a document that describes the knowledge, skills and understanding an individual needs to be competent at a job. It is the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) who are responsible for setting the NOS for all sectors of the automotive industry and in order to have your training accredited by the IMI you need to submit your course for assessment. NTP’s Roadside & Recovery Technician’s course has been mapped to all the industry’s legislative and best practice guidelines including: PAS43, SURVIVE and NOS for BOTH roadside and recovery operations. Our course was only the third in the country to be awarded the new IMI Professional Accredited Certificate which awards successful learners a Level 3 accreditation plus IMI Membership at Associate Level (AMIMI) and a listing on the IMI Professional Register for Roadside & Recovery Technicians.

The IMI was very stringent and insisted that the course was not only assessed by their own internal auditors but also by an independent body to ensure the highest standard of training and
learning objectives were met. We also applied to LANTRA to have our course assessed by them (to ensure we were fully representative of the relevant external awarding bodies) but were told
that there was no additional benefit for us. As far as LANTRA was concerned the course already has the best accreditation through the IMI that we can achieve and therefore there was no
point in seeking their endorsement. NOS are a very effective tool for employers to help with business planning, training and competence. For auditing and compliance purposes it is always best to check whether your training provider’s courses meet the current version of NOS. For more information on NOS visit the IMI website or speak to your PAS43 auditor:

Accreditations & Awarding Bodies

As we have mentioned above the word accreditation is often used by training providers but what is an accreditation, who is authorised to award it and who regulates it?

For compliance it is important to understand whether your training is accredited by an external awarding body or certificated by the training provider or organisation themselves. An accreditation is the confirmation that a training provider’s course has met the standards set by an awarding body to offer a qualification or certificate with their approval. An awarding body is an organisation who is regulated by Ofqual to develop, design and certify qualifications. They are charged with implementing the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and quality assurance of those qualifications. They employ external auditors who regularly visit training providers to ensure qualifications are being delivered to a required and expected standard. Examples of awarding bodies for the industry include: The Institute of Motor Industry (IMI), City & Guilds, LANTRA and QualSAFE Awards. Members are listed on the Federation of Awarding Bodies website. As part of their assessment criteria an awarding body will audit a training provider’s quality assurance systems and the expertise of their staff to ensure their standards are maintained. It is then the responsibility of the training provider to deliver the teaching, assess the students’ work and check the standards of assessment across the different instructors involved. The awarding body then provides the certification on successful completion of the training course.

Ofqual (The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) regulates awarding bodies and their qualifications, examinations and assessments in England. They are a non-ministerial
government department who maintain standards and confidence in qualifications, including vocational and technical qualifications. Awarding bodies should be listed with Ofqual and their courses registered to ensure they are of the highest standards for the industries they represent. At NTP, we have carefully selected the awarding bodies we work with due to their listing on the Ofqual register and membership to the Federation of Awarding Bodies as well as their industry relevance and international reputation. Our IMI courses for roadside and recovery operatives as well as our QualSAFE Level 3 in Education and Training, for our trainers, are listed as government recognised qualifications and also meet the JAUPT and DVSA recommendations for training providers.

AWARE Series TV... it's the future!

AWARE Series TV Tyrone Joy

NTP is excited to announce the launch of AWARE-Series TV, the most up-todate method of delivering online courses and videos for the industry. From live demonstrations like ForensicAWARE to instructor’s greenscreened into a busy roadside setting, AWARE Series TV will change the face of training delivery.
From our studio in Essex and through collaborations with industry partners and automotive stakeholders we’ll be delivering podcasts and webinars and producing a range of industry and public
information videos to help improve knowledge, awareness and H&S. Watch this space for more on AWARE Series TV…

The AWARE-Series Store

Last month we launched our online store where you can book any of our upcoming courses, pay online and receive joining instructions immediately. All our courses are listed along with a
synopsis for each. It couldn’t be easier to arrange your industry training, just visit and see which courses are currently available. Use AVRO1 at the checkout to receive £10 off.

Awards & Accolades:

Finally, a word about our team and what they have achieved. In the 3 ½ short years we have been in business we are exceptionally pleased with what we have achieved. Not only are we
smashing our own mission, but we are being recognised by our colleagues and peers. It isn’t very British to heap praise upon ourselves but the team deserves some recognition after a tough year so, with that in mind, I’d like to take the time to congratulate Gary Tucker and the whole of the NTP family for the way they always conduct themselves with integrity and professionalism:

Armed Forces Covenant, Employers Recognition Scheme:

Gold Award 2020 – An exceptional achievement in such a short space of time and attests to our ongoing commitment to service personnel and the military community.

Heropreneurs' Warwick Business School Awards 2020;

Warwick Executive Diploma Bursary: Gary Tucker. Beating a record number of candidates all with an exceptional calibre.

IMI Outstanding Contribution to the Automotive Industry Award: Gary Tucker

Talent in Logistics, Finalists:


Training Provider of the Year (2019) & 2020 and Training Team of the Year, Training Provider of the Year 2020 and Industry Ambassador in 2020

Essex University Internship:

Raj Chatterjee for completing his internship and being a valued addition to our team.

Seats on both the Highways Sector Council, Collaborative Group and Safer Highways Council

AVRO Associate Membership


Unfortunately, we were not selected for our application to join the National Recovery Industry Training Group (NRITG) or the Road Rescue Trainers Association (RRTA) but we will uphold our mission and will continue to drive change and innovations in training through collaboration with the industry associations and stakeholders. By investing in new courses and products, technologies, and accreditations we will improve health and safety, awareness, and compliance for all. As always you can contact me, Jane Cattaneo at, to book courses or discuss training issues or recruitment or call 01245 943350.

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