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Working With Hybrid & Electric Vehicles By The Roadside

The Paris Agreement

As a result of the Paris Agreement, the frequency of anyone attending hybrid & electric vehicles (H&EVs) by the roadside has increased over the past few years. Traffic Officers, Emergency Responders and Roadside & Recovery Technicians should all have awareness training to understand the dangers they could encounter and the impact these could have.

Traffic Officers have undertaken the NTP 1-day EV andHybridAWARE module as part of the IMI Accredited Validated Recognition Modules (Plus) 1, 2 and 3.Additionally, many operators within the roadside and recovery industry, including the RAC, have completed the same training to ensure their employees have standardised and accredited training and they are fully aware of the dangers to mitigate risk and ensure compliance.

Obviously, because you can’t see electricity having knowledge of these standard procedures and how H&EV technology works helps to improve safety, build confidence and increases efficiency by the roadside.

Awareness Training:

It is essential that anyone who comes in to contact with these types of vehicles should be able to undertake the following actions and have this under-pinned knowledge as a minimum:

Conduct 360 auto check and able to identify an Hybrid & Electric Vehicle.

✓ Identify and recall the highvoltage components and the dangers they present

✓ Identify the procedures required to ensure the vehicle is safe to work on

✓ List the H&S requirements associated and PPE

✓ Explain the purposes of disconnecting the 12v negative terminal and importance of the removal of the separation/maintenance plug (not to be attempted unless qualified!)

✓ Recognise and identify the dangers leading to a thermal runaway effect

✓ Understand the term ‘Stranded Energy’

✓ Recall and demonstrate the action and First Aid required in the event of electric shock

✓ Understand the storage requirements for damaged Hybrid &  Electric Vehicles

Roadside and Recovery Operators undertaking awareness training

Practical Training:

In addition to completing the underpinned knowledge that awareness training provides employees should attend practical training wherever possible to ensure they also have the practical knowledge to work on them during a roadside situation.

Instructor Qualifications:

Hybrid & Electric Vehicle training must only be delivered by qualified experts in the field, instructors who are trained to minimum Level 2 standard in Hybrid & Electric Vehicle technology. The course should be externally accredited to be certain it meets current standards and

The Threat:

Although still unclear who has overall responsibility in a roadside situation the HSE has identified four categories of work and the minimum level of training required:

  • Level 1 - Valeting, sales & other lower-risk activities
  • Level 2 - Incident response including emergency services & vehicle recovery
  • Level 3 - Maintenance & repair excluding high voltage electrical systems
  • Level 4 - Working on high voltage electrical systems

Ultimately, if the integrity of the vehicle battery has been compromised a qualified technician (minimum IMI Level2 or equivalent)
is required to remove the service/maintenance plug before the vehicle can be dealt with.

Advanced Level Training for the emergency services and recovery personnel:

NTP is an approved IMI Training Centre able to train the IMI Level 2 and 3 Award in Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Hazard Management for
Emergency & Recovery Personnel. This course will allow all delegates to remove the service/maintenance/emergency service plug having successfully passed the 13-hour guided learning hours theoretical and practical assessment.

This training meets the HSE’s guide and IMI’s National Occupational Standards, including the updated 2021 version that is due to be
released in the coming weeks. Additionally, the course is part of the government-endorsed Tech SAFE Scheme and all technicians will be
added to the IMI Professional Register -


Hybrid Electric Vehicles are growing in popularity and should not be feared. By undertaking training and increasing knowledge, dangers can be mitigated against and safety protected.

AWARE-Series Courses:

Courses can be found on the AWARE-Series store including online and inperson awareness, practical and e-Learning modules and Level 2 courses for TOs, the Emergency Services and Roadside & Recovery Technicians.

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